Fjord cruise: 

We can arrange for several day cruises in all our majestic fjords such as the Lysefjord, Hardangerfjord, Sognefjord, Nærøyfjord and Geirangerfjord.

If you want an overnight cruise, we suggest a trip with Hurtigruten. Hurtigruten sails from Bergen along the Norwegian coastline all the way up to Kirkenes and back to Bergen. We arrange for port to port journeys or a full roundtrip. Your choice!

Photo: Per Ottar Walderhaug


There are thousands of scenic walks to choose from in Norway. Norway is a country with a lot of spectacular scenery, from wild and untamed mythical landscapes, to popular marked hiking trails and wellknown tourist attractions.

Among the most popular hikes are Preikestolen, Trolltunga and Galdhøpiggen, Go hiking in beautiful Aurlandsdalen valley, try the Via Ferrata in Loen, the Monk Steps in Hardanger or simply try one of the beautiful Hardanger fruit trail walk. We have suggestions from very easy to very demanding / expert levels.


Are you up for a challenging mountain bike ride? Or just a gentle ride between picturesque small towns? The natural beauty and stunning landscapes make Norway a very popular choice for bike tourists.

There are plenty of opportunities for world-class road cycling, fantastic cycling routes and an increasing number of cycling paths and trails for those who want to explore cycling in the forest, countryside or mountains.

Rallarvegen (The Navvies Road) is one the most popular cycling route in Norway, starting at 1000 meters above sea level before descending toward the fjord. The road is named after the "rallar" or navvies, the railway construction workers building the Bergensbanen railroad in the early 1900s.

You can even go biking in the wintertime – on a Fatbike!

Fatbike: Cool, fat and playful! A bike fitted with extremely oversized tyres. These can be as wide as 5 inches, hence the name fatbike. With such wide wheels, cycling is possible year-round including on snow in winter.

Photo: Roll Outdoors


In Norway you can find a myriad of possibilities for both deep sea and freshwater fishing.

You can try your luck in thousands of lakes, rivers and streams angling for wild trout, grayling, pike, powan and arctic char. Or you could go for a different kind of experience along the wild, rugged and largely unspoilt coastline.

Glacier walking: 

In the mountains of Norway there are 20 glaciers in total, and Jostedalsbreen alone is 487 square kilometers. Guided tours are available in most of the glacier areas.

Do not cross the barriers in front of the glacier without a guide! Standing too close to the glacier can be dangerous, as blocks of ice can suddenly break loose from the glacier.

Photo: Desire Westfall

Wildlife safaris: 

Experience sea eagles and whales from a close range. There are also bird watching safaris, elk safaris and safaris to see king crabs and the ancient musk ox.

In Bardu – located between Narvik and Tromsø in Northern Norway – You will find the
northernmost wildlife park in the world – The Polar Park. At this place you can even spend a
night in a wolflodge. A truly once in a lifetime experience!